From premises security to animal welfare

A&A Fabrications & Welding undertakes small and more specialised work for the commercial sector as well as the larger scale building subcontract work.

Some of this work is quite straightforward such as lintels for windows, or doorways, but some of it can be quite suprising such as the work we do in vetinary surgery. This work includes the creation of cages for the control and inspection of larger animals such as horses. This type of work is quite unusual because it is not just about how it looks or works - the end result has to be smooth enough to be up against bare skin when the animal is struggling to get out/away. Additional care in the finish is therefore crucial if the aninmal is not to be injured while being cared for.

Our specialised commercial work also includes heavy duty security solutions such as cellar doors for licensed premises, or other types of secure access such as fire ecapes access doors.

For public events we provide crowd control barriers, for both portable and permanent installation. Recent customers include:

  • Sunderland - assisting event cover for the Take That concert in 2011
  • Manchester - Leigh Sports Stadium
  • Halifax - Halifax Town football ground (new stand) new extension to bulkhal 30 tonnes
  • Places for People (property management, development and regeneration company)
  • Redcar - Tyne-Tees Amusements


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